Parent Teacher Association (PTA)

Who is the PTA?

YOU ARE! First and foremost, YOU are the P.S. 159 PTA! Every parent or guardian of a child at P.S. 159 is automatically a member. The PTA Executive Board is made up of parent volunteers, just like you, and we rely on every parent to be a partner in our mission to support our students and their families.

What does the PTA do? 

  • Events - Throughout the year, the PTA organizes fundraisers and community building events to help students and parents get to know each other, such as Reading Nights, My Hero breakfast, Cultural Food Festivals, and Carnival Day.
  • Fundraising – Special fundraising events to raise monies for different school programs are held throughout the year.
  • Advocacy - The PTA takes on causes that support the safety and happiness of all students, such as ensuring safety around the school at drop-off and dismissal, campaigning for building upgrades, and working closely with the school administration to support student and family services and connections.

How can I be involved?

YOU CAN VOLUNTEER at a PTA! The PTA hosts many fundraising events throughout the year. Whether you can commit to one hour or several days, whether you can help with party decorations or talent show line up, ALL is appreciated and needed. Other ways to be involved include volunteering for the school as a helper within the classroom or at lunch and recess. We need everyone to pitch in and offer what they can, JUST ASK!

PTA Members



Keita Charles

Parents' Association (PA)/Parent-Teach Association (PTA) President



 Amanda Martinez



Parent Representative

Shops to Donate

You can shop at these vendors and they will donate monies to P.S. 159!

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