Sustainability Programs

Child Holding Potted Green Plant

Sustainability Initiatives at our School

Here at P.S. 159 we give students the educational programs, physical place, and hand-on experiences that encourage them to become environmentally conscious global citizens.  Our goal is create a learning space for creative thinking, a source of inspiration, and a starting point for developing a sense of awareness and responsibility. The journey to that goal begins with educating students in a healthy and sustainable environment. 

We're goin' green with exciting new programs!

The Different Sustainability Programs for a School


Coming this spring we'll be planting our new school flower and vegetable garden!

     Painted tire planters  



We've partnered with Con Edison and the Smart Kids  Energy Efficiency Program that teaches our students easy ways to use energy more efficiently in their homes.  We're learning how we can be energy efficient and make a difference to our planet Earth!

 ConEd Smart Kids reading energy books. 

Classroom Growing Labs

Growing labs in the science room help teach students how to grow and maintain vegetables and plants.  It all connects back to sustainable living!

 Students planting seeds with Ms. Smith